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Where is the After-Metro Coffee? - Subsidiary
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Where is the After-Metro Coffee?
On any leisurely afternoon, while at MG Road, you would often get some coffee at the India Coffee House.  If you were in a mood for some snacks, you could order a dosa or a cutlet.

I only wish ICH stayed on at MG Road.  After a Metro ride, some hot coffee would have been great.  Of course, you could go to Kohinoor, but one, you really wouldn't and two, for all you know, it may not be there any more.


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moccacino From: moccacino Date: February 10th, 2012 04:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Used to be my favorite haunt. I still take a dip or two here often, but my after-Metro loyalty has shifted to Pascucci. They throw in a nice 15% discount too :P
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